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Sector structure

In order for the sector to function and develop in the best way possible, a scheme involving entities that produce LPG was established that the trasportan, which they sell, which coordinated all of the above, the establishing general policies, which make rules to deliver good quality products at a reasonable price and guarding all comply with existing standards.
Estructura del sector eléctrico


The national government is responsible for designing the policy of the sector, through the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


Regulatory Commission of Energy and Gas (CREG) is responsible for regulating, through legal norms, the behavior of users and companies in order to ensure the provision of these public services in conditions of economic efficiency with adequate coverage and quality of service.


It is composed of users who are classified into regulated and unregulated, and agents who make it possible to carry LPG to the end user.

Supervision and control

It is headed by the Superintendent of Public Services (SSPD), to monitor the behavior of agents and punish violations of the laws and rules.